Pohjolakiekko GP 17.-18.6.2017

Competiton and categories:

Trap 125 targets + final  Men and Junior Mens  17.-18.6.
Trap 125 targets  Seniors 50, Seniors 60, Seniors 70  17.-18.6.
Trap 75 targets + final  Ladies  18.6.


latest on Wednesday 26.5.2017, entry form below

Entry fees:

Individual competition:
Men and Senior categories 60 euros/person
Junior Mens 50 euros/person
Ladies 45 euros/person

Team competition  (Men) 30 euros/team (3 persons/team)

Entry fees shall be paid upon arrival in the competition office in cash

Shooting range:

Salola shotgun range, Orimattila


Friday 16.6.   12.00 - 18.00

Contact and press:

Päivi Könönen, paivi.kononen[at]pp1.inet.fi



Welcome to Orimattila and to Finland!


Entry to Pohjolakiekko GP, Trap competition 2017 (individual competition)

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